Mining Geology

Grade control process during mining is an extremely sensitive process where the value of the ore mined with lowest waste contamination and the success of the whole projects Rely on.


Successful grade control process requires most accurate data available as exploration data, development data, grade determination data, economic cut-off grade data and interpretation of mineable ore blocks.


Many factors lead to a misleading grade control process as example sampling may be not geologically logged, contaminated, or not represented.


Arab Nubia provides a reliable solution for our clients to ensure a most accurate definition of ore blocks to be mined from open pit or underground:


Drilling management:


Our mine geologists have experiences in reverse circulation grade control drilling management to secure sampling in safe, representative, unbiased and timely.


We work to optimize the geology resolution at mineable scale following standards QA/QC.


  • Logging of grade control chips.
  • Surveying drill hole collars.  
  • Stockpile sampling.
  • Mapping and bulk density sampling.



Ore Mining Supervision:


  • Ore blocks mark up
  • Supervise the mining of ore blocks (ore spotting) to minimize dilution and ore loss.
  • Map bench faces for understanding ore distribution.
  • Ensure correct digging/mining strategy (digging from hanging wall to footwall) of inclined ore.
  • Ensure mining process is correct related to face angle dip of orebody without undercutting.
  • Ore movement control using blast monitors.






ROM Pad Supervision and Management:


  • Managing ROM pad is essential for avoiding misdirection of ore to the waste dump and waste to the ROM pad.
  • Manage the ROM pad fingers with different ore grades for avoiding misclassification for ore loads.
  • Direct the dump trucks to tip according to the destination board to the required finger at the ROM pad.
  • Check with ore spotter for numbers of dump trucks carrying ore for each grade, arrived ROM pad to avoid misdirection.