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"As we believe the Arabian Nubian Shield mineral potential which extends in Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Saudi Arabia has yet to be fully explored, So Arab Nubia Group was established to support mining investors get maxiumim potential of this treasure" 

Our Services


ANG specialises in managing mining projects in Egypt and MENA region,providing most of mining service specifically geological consulting and mining planning ......


ANG provides geological consulting at different mining stages. we can manage grade control program, surveying and sampling under QA/QC standards required for reserve calculations upgrade. We help you make accurate run of mine management (ROM) for the mine/quarry life cycle .......

Industry Materials

ANG offers high quality industrial raw materials essential for various manufacturing uses. We provide processed and raw materials for core production and ores refining.

GIS & Survey

Using of GIS (geographical information systems) , Remote Sensing and Surveying become essential in most of sciences specially in mining ......


Efficient system needs professional vendors. 
Arab Nubia always has its strategy of supplying in scheduled time with high quality materials......


ANG provides office and onsite training courses for any audience as individual and as well as customized courses for organization's specific needs in GIS, Remote Sensing, 3D geological modeling ........

Our People

"Experience, Commitment, Confidentiality"

"Arab Nubia group was founded from highly qualified team of geologists, geo-technicians, mining engineers and administrators with relative experiences at the field of exploration and mining at Egypt and MENA region followed-up the International mining schools and standards"

"Gold is where you find it, not where you want it"

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