GIS & Remote Sensing

Geographical information systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing Analysis can be used in all areas of the mining industry from target mineral exploration, development and production, to closure and reclamation, evolved from pure luck to science. GIS and Remote Sensing give mining companies the tools they need to operate mines responsibly and at optimum efficiency. Also be employed in applying for mining permits and assessing environmental impact.


Arab Nubia Group provides expert advice and solutions for clients requiring specialized services, mainly in the fields of geology mining and geosciences related sectors


Our Solutions

Data Management

Data Visualization

Data Analysing

Data interpretation

3D Modeling

Reporting and Presentations

Data Management:


The accuarcy of data is an important key of sucess to any exploration and mining project. our experienced GIS, database and IT teams ensure accuarcy in capturing new / historical data with validating under QAQC standerds.


Services include:

  • Compile geographic data from a variety of sources including field observation, satellite imagery, aerial photographs,censuses and historical maps digitizing.
  • Build Geodatabase structure, coding, administrating and management.
  • Remote sensing data processing (Geometric and atmospheric corrections, classifications)
  • IT support regarding GIS & Remote Sensing applications.


Data Visualization:


The challange of visualising large amount and different types of mining project data need smart solutions to make data be sorted, characterised, secured and easy to navigate by authorised personnel within a project.


We provide smart solutions for our clients to enhance a viewer's perceptive abilities in 2D and 3D interfaces.


Data analyzing:


Using GIS functions of data analysis make raw data give us new geographic approach by applying spatial and 3D analysis.


Some applications of our data analysis:

  • Environmental study (drainage pattern, flood simulation and hazards impact)
  • Land use planning.

Data interpretation:


Interpretation of data by visual analysis and semi automatic processing by computer are the main key of get the most benefited of collected data.


Interpretation of 3D geological features require smart solution to link the surface outcrops with downhole geological data.


We provide powerful solutions of data interpretation based on field collected data, remote sensing and geophysical methods to produce high quality 3D geological models.

3D modeling:


Today, 3D models are used in a wide variety of fields especially in mining, this models give decision makers a deep view when planning, designing, constructing, and operating mining project.


Our services include building, validating, texturing and animating 3D different model types.

Reporting and presentations.


Good presented data gives a right decision, this data can be presented in different ways and for different purposes as financial, techenical and marketing.


One map or detailed chart can give large amount of informations if it built on accurate data and good cartographic principles.


Our services include:

  • Prepare significant maps, figures, charts required for reporting and presentations.
  • Produce outputs in different formats.
  • Layout in different forms as hard copy, electronic and animated movies.

Our team has a proper experience over years with software as:

  • ESRI ArcGIS Package.
  • MapInfo and Encom Discover.
  • QGIS, Google Earth Pro & Global Mapper.
  • Remote Sensing applications with Erdas, ENVI & PCI Geomatica, Snap.
  • 3D Modelling using Micromine, Surpac & Rockworks.
  • Geological Data Management Software as Century Systems and DataShed.
  • Graphic Animation software as Adobe package, Cinema4D and Blender.