Exploration Consultancy Services

Arab Nubia Group provides wide range of explorations consultancy services as we can adjust your needs from the beginning of exploration project then go through according to your strategy and plans at each stage.

Our geologists have deep experiences in the assessment of exploration potentials and identification of mineral resources in different geological settings and styles of mineralization. The experienced and highly qualified personnel are ANG main asset and means to fulfill its objectives, the screening and selection of our personnel is crucial in order to provide our clients with the best professional available resources.



Our team has experience in developing and reviewing geological models for most commodities and deposit types (gold, base metals and industrial minerals)


Our Team has the skills and extensive experience in using most of geological modeling software packages.

Minerals prospecting; Reconnaissance phase:


In field: We provide evaluation of the mineral’s potential using Geology examination; Geological & Structural mapping; Geochemical survey sampling (grab, Chip, Soil sampling and Trenching) and Geophysical data interpretation.



Office work: Reports evaluate for previous work and overview on artisanal mining activities if available with focus on other geological and minerals occurrences using remote sensing & satellite image interpretation with different state of the arts of software.



After the reconnaissance stage and the concession has enhanced mineral potential, further advanced exploration activities are required.



ANG provides professional exploration consultancy services as following:


At Green Field:


  • Field trip technical consulting and managing.
  • Historical and old data validating.
  • Satellite image collecting and processing.
  • Surveying and field navigation.
  • Producing topographic and geological maps.
  • Sample collecting (surface rock samples, trench samples & soil samples), processing and dispatching.



At Brown Field:


  • Laying out geological maps and interpretation.
  • Project generations and targeting of geological features.
  • Drill program design and management.
  • Manage earth works and roads constructing.
  • RC samples collecting and logging.
  • Core logging (Recovery, geomechanics and lithological logging)
  • Geotechnical diamond drilling core processing (core orientation markup & cutting).
  • Manage sample lab preparing (core cutting saw, crushing, grinding, etc.)
  • Geochemical data analyzing and interpretation.
  • Ore body definition, interpretation and wireframing.


We assure the sampling is accurate, representative, labeled and arranged with geological logging and packed in bags and drums ready to be dispatched for analyzing also we recommend the best laboratories for the most accurate analyzing results


Reporting of Exploration results & resource definitions

It comes after increasing the confidence of minerals potentials and identifying the orebody through processing and interpretation of the geological, sampling and drilling data.


We are helping our clients to generate an optimum 3D geological models and orebody solids to be ready for for mineral resource estimation using 3D modeling software, in compliance with international announcement standards JORC or NI 43-101